“I am not the Messiah”

Many of us pick up the Little Blue Book for Advent, and of course the Little Black Book for the Lenten season. These pocket-sized books of reflection are invaluable in their simplicity and wisdom.

For January 2 2015, the entry is this:

And this is the testimony of John. When the Jews from Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to him to ask him, “Who are you?” he admitted and did not deny it, but admitted, “I am not the Messiah.” (Jn 1:19-28)

We have here the very first words spoken by John the Baptist in this Gospel. And what were those first words? “I am not the Messiah.”

Want to experience a great weight lifted off your shoulders? Say those same words right now. “I am not the Messiah.” Say it out loud. Hear yourself say it.

Now, you already knew that. But there’s something about saying it. Then add: “World, I have good news for you. Although I am not the Messiah, the good news is that there is a Messiah, and I’d be glad to point him out to you.” (That’s in effect what John said a few verses later.)

I know I’m not the Messiah, but I can unwittingly try to be one. We all do it, usually with the best motives. Parents try to solve all their children’s problems…

Indeed, I do have a part to play in God’s plan. But it’s just that – a part to play. I am not the Messiah. Jesus is. He’s got the whole world in his hands.

Sometimes prayer is just meant to remind me that the Messiah is Jesus. Not me.

What relief!

That says it quite eloquently, but I am tempted to elaborate. I will just say that there is a tendency, especially on the part of men, to fix things. And so for parents, and especially fathers, their need to fix their children’s situations, whatever they may be, can feel irresistible and overwhelming. But, since “I am not the Messiah,” perhaps I can surrender my children, and all their situations, to Him Who Is. Feel the relief.

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  1. martha

    Thank you, I am one of ‘those’ mothers who find myself wanting to ‘solve” my kids problems. Lately again, with my younger daughter with an issue that upset me greatly. Its one thing when they are babies, small children- and one rushes to keep them safe, ‘solve’ the problem. I have to remind myself that they are now adults , immature- but still adults , nontheless. I am not the Messiah, HE is. and my part is to place them in his hands and entrust them to HIM. I am not in charge of saving them, or changing them. its hard to learn to turn them over to HIM. And meanwhile just love them and pray for them. And Rest close to him myself.

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