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Communicating with loved ones

A friend who is a Courage member speaks with Mary Ann Jepsen in this interview about how to communicate with loved ones, for her radio program Family Sanctuary. The interview aired on November 3 and is available online, here (Family Sanctuary). It is very touching to hear this young man describe his return to the Catholic faith, and his struggle to reconcile how God could love him.

Some gems from his interview include:

  • the Church does not impose shame and guilt on us;
  • and just because someone identifies as gay, does not mean that they are sexually active.

Things to keep in mind when a loved one “comes out” to you:

  • they are taking a huge risk to reveal themselves;
  • receive them where they are and love them;
  • orient them towards Christ;
  • strive to be the living example for why they would choose to turn to Christ;
  • listen and walk with them.



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