My name is Rilene. I work in the software industry, and live in the Bay Area, (no longer with my two cats, as, alas they both lived long full lives, but ended up with kidney disease, and have gone to their Maker.) I was baptized into a half-Catholic family in the baby-boom-fifties, and abandoned the Church in my rebellious teen years. I spent almost three decades in lesbian relationships, but mostly in one relationship, for 25 years.

It ended between us, and when the fog cleared, I realized I was not going to pursue a relationship with another woman. Some months later, with a mere 45 minute investment in confession, heard by a loving and faithful priest, I returned to the Catholic faith. July 4th, 2009, my personal Independence Day. My hobbies are going to Mass, giving unsolicited advice and listening to people’s conversion stories. (Please write me and tell me yours.)

As if that were not enough, I consider myself uniquely qualified to give advice to Catholic parents of same-sex attracted children, most simply because I am not a parent myself. I am a neutral third party who has no investment in taking sides in the battle of the generations. My DNA stops here. Sadly. But I do have the strange experience of having been to the other side – and come back. That gives me a perspective that you won’t find every day. Not because there are so few of us — we are not few — but because the world is fraught with dangers, and most of us keep this part of our lives private.

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