Monica’s Cross is a support site for parents, families and friends of people who experience same sex attraction, or what some people call homosexuality, gay, lesbian, LGBTQ, etc. This site is designed for serious Catholics and other Christians who recognize the truth of the Church’s teachings on same sex attraction.

If this isn’t you, you are still welcome here. You and I can just know that  we will be respectfully disagreeing on many things. That’s okay, as long as we keep it respectful.

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  1. Aline

    We have an x son in law that declared that he was transgender. He fathered two daughters and now the 2 girls have quit going to mass and are even anti RC. They are now pro homosexuial. I refuse to call him Aerial instead of his name Eric. Am I doing the right thing. I do tell the girls that we still love him and pray for him. He is confusing the 2 girls and also his x wife who is our daughter.
    God bless.

    • Rilene

      HI, Aline
      I am so sorry to hear about this sad disruption in your family. It is very difficult to fight the culture on this issue, it is a tsunami at this point. You and your family are in my prayers.

      How old are the girls? Do the girls connect turning away from the Church with their support for their father? Or has something else driven them away from the Church? The Church has no formal teaching that addresses transgender, so it is hard to see what their complaint might be. Although they are all lumped together in the LGBTQ alphabet soup, transgender is very different from homosexual.

      Anyway, that probably is not that helpful. I suggest getting a copy of Theology of the Body, a version for younger people, by Christopher West, and start talking with them about what our bodies signify. Why it is important to be who our body tells us we are.

      And, the Church’s treatment of people with same-sex attractions is very humane, saying they should be treated with respect, compassion and sensitivity.

      Nevertheless, many people like to hate the Church. Christ predicted it would be so. “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you.” (John 15:18) Households will be divided…”mother against daughter, daughter against her mother…” (Luke 12:53) It may take many years for your prayers to bear fruit, but prayer is our most powerful weapon.

      God bless you

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